Sample Chapters

The links on the right provide four sample chapters.

  • Chapter 6, "First Steps Toward Synthetic Psychology", provides some introductory ideas about using models synthetically in psychology. Supplements to this chapter are provided on the 'Videos' page.
  • Chapter 7, "Uphill Analysis, Downhill Synthesis?" provides an historical account of the synthetic approach, as well as an argument for the combined use of synthetic and analytic methodologies. Supplementary videos will appear soon!
  • Chapter 8, "Connectionism As Synthetic Psychology", provides the main thrust of the book -- a theoretical approach that is both synthetic and representational, provided that one agrees that the internal structure of connectionist networks should be analyzed.
  • Chapter 9, " Building Associations", describes distributed associative memories, and attempts to make them psychologically relevant. Supplements for this chapter can be found on the 'Software' page.

Please do not quote or reproduce any of this manuscript material, as it is in draft format for the present.