Sample Chapters

The links on the right provide some sample chapters of this work in progress:

  • Chapter 9, "The Perceptron", provides a very brief introduction to this architecture, including using a Gaussian activation function.
  • Chapter 10, "The Rosenblatt Program" is essentially a manual that describes how a program for exploring the perceptron can be installed and used.
  • Chapter 11, "Perceptrons And Logic Gates", provides some historical context and an exercise for exploring some basic properties of a typical perceptron
  • Chapter 12, " Performing More Logic With Perceptrons", throws the whole two-valued logic at a standard perceptron to illustrate pattern spaces and some perceptron problems.
  • Chapter 13, " Value Units And Linear Nonseparability", explores what happens to the capabilities of a perceptron when a nonmonotonic activation function is put in the output units.

Please do not quote or reproduce any of this manuscript material, as it is in draft format for the present.