Grey Walter Tortoises

Yet another kind of robot that I have used for in-class demonstrations of the synthetic approach are Lego Dacta versions of Grey Walter Tortoises, which have been constructed by elaborating the structure of our Braitenberg vehicle 2. This page has information about how to build them, how to program them, and also has some videos of their behavior.

The main robot file is "tortoise.ldr"; other files define subparts that this main file uses.
These files are for use with MLCAD and other programs, available from the link above

"Tortoise.nqc" was created with Wordpad

Open it to read it, or save it to disk for later use.

Mpeg Video
AVI Video
QuickTime Video

Seeks light in the "dark"; heads straight to light when light appears

Touch sensors permit obstacle avoidance

Seeking, then approaching medium light, then repelled by bright light

Circling to avoid bright light and to avoid darkness