James is a program to be used to explore association in a distributed associative memory. It is written in Visual Basic, and allows the user to train a distributed associative memory using either the Hebb rule or the Delta rule. With James, results of training can be saved either in a text file or in an Excel workbook. JamesLite does not have the capability of linking up with Excel. A complete description of how the program can be used is found in the user manual. To access the manual, or either of the programs for downloading, please press on one of the icons at the right.

The Java version of the program can be saved to your computer and run after Java has been installed on your machine. If you do not have Java installed, links and instructions for doing so are provided in the "Installation Instructions" on the right. The Java version of James uses JFreeChart as a component, under the following licensing agreement: JFreeChart License. You do *not* have to use these links (i.e., you do not have to install JFreeChart separately) in order for the Java version of James to run.

This software was last updated November 17, 2004