Nancy is establishing a sleep research program as part of her 2007-08 sabbatical. Click on the picture to the left for her home page, and the picture to the right for information about her book. On January 21, she was featured in a MacEwan ad in the Globe and Mail -- pdf version here.
Michele has graduated from the University of Regina with an Honours degree in English and a minor in History. She has received a SSHRC scholarship for her Masters studies in English that she will commence at U. of R. in the fall.
Michele recently presented a paper entitled "Harry Potter and the Ideal Schoolboy Masculinity" at a conference in Regina
Chris is finished a successful first year at UBC, where he will return next fall to major in Philosophy.
Chris is an avid rower, and at the left can be seen holding the Alberta flag at the Western Canada Summer Games in August, 2007. He won two bronze medals at that competition.