Understanding Cognitive Science

From the 1998 Blackwell Catalogue:: "This concise introduction to cognitive science provides undergraduate and graduate students with the theoretical foundations of classical and connectionist cognitive science to explain and teach the underlying unity of the field."

From the back cover: "Dawson knows how to write charming prose and to apply his talent to unravelling hard ideas. Few people can write about cognitive science methodology in such a disarmingly easy-to-read style. This is not only a thorough book that reaches into all the serious issues of the day, but it is one that is more accessible than any I have read." Zenon Pylyshyn, Professor of Cognitive Science, Rutgers University

From the back cover: "Dawson's book is a fine treatment of the computational and psychological heartland of cognitive science for senior students. There is no serious competition. Many texts are a forced march through the disciplines. By contrast, Dawson has found what he calls the 'unifying glue that keeps the different disciplines within cognitive science working together'." Andrew Brook, Carleton University

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