Understanding Cognitive Science

Below are corrections to errors that have been brought to my attention:

Question From TK:
I have recently purchased a copy of your book 'Understanding Cognitive Science' and an enjoying it immensely, particularly as it talks about many of the problems I have found the hard way by doing cognitive modelling with one of the rule-based cognitive architectures. However, I thought I knew something about Turing machines but the example on pp17/18 has me stumped!! If the machine is in state 1 with 1 under the head, then the table says to move 1 cell left and goto state 6. The cell on the left contains a zero and state 6, reading a zero says STOP? I'm obviously making an incorrect assumption somewhere, but I can't see it. Can you tell me where I'm going wrong???

My Correction:

There's an error in the table for that Turing machine -- instead of going into state 6 when the machine is in state 1 and reads a 1, it should go into state 1. Thanks for detecting this error!

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