From Bricks To Brains -- Videos of Our Robots Behaving

      The links below provide videos of the behavior of our robots, which are also referenced to by files that give "wordless" instructions for how to build the various robots that are described in the book. Press the text link to retrieve the desired instruction set.

Vehicle 2

Vehicle 2 Instructions

Video of Vehicle2: Video4-1.mpg

Passive Dynamic Walker




Strandbeest Instructions


Wormeostat Instructions

Tortoise Instructions
Videos of the Tortoise from Chapter 7: Video7-1.mpg (Layers of Code) and Video 7-2.mpg (Tortoise Behavior)
Lemming Instructions
Video of the NXT Lemming from Chapter 8: Video8-1.mpg
antiSlam Instructions
Video of antiSlam from Chapter 9: Video9-1.mpg