From Bricks To Brains -- MLCAD Files for Our Robots

      The links below provide MLCAD files that describe our models, and which were used to generate LEGO-style instructions. They are provided as a courtesy, and are not actively supported. They are designed to be used with the ldraw family of programs available as freeware from They use some NXT parts, which were not offical ldraw parts when the files were created, and which were obtained from They were prepared for use with the instruction-generating program LPUB4, which is available from

Vehicle 2


MLCAD file for the NXT Vehicle 2 as described in Chapter 4

Passive Dynamic Walker




MLCAD file for the Grey Walter Tortoise described in Chapter 6
MLCAD file for the NXT Lemming described in Chapter 8
MLCAD file for the NXT antiSlam described in Chapter 9